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Trident's Color Codes
Alloy Color Code Alloy Color Codes
Aluminum - Bars, Rods, Shapes, Tubes, Wire, Sheet and Plate Titanium, Stainless Steel, & Special
Brazing Sheet 21-F   Titanium 6AL-4V  
Brazing Sheet 22-F     Titanium Grade 2 (Commercially Pure)    
1100-F     Titanium Grade 4 (Commercially Pure)    
2011-T3   13-8 MO AC MLT  
2011-T6-G199   13-8 MO Cond H-1100 NL Spec.    
2014-T6511     13-8 MO Cond H-1000    
2017-T4   14-4H Hot Rolled Rough Turned    
2024-0 BARE     15-5PH  
2024-0 CLAD     15-5PH H 1075    
2024-T Temper BARE (T3,T4)   15-5 Double Aged      
2024-T Temper CLAD (T3, T4)     16-6PH    
2024-T8     17-4H Cond A    
2124-T8     17-4PH Cond H-900    
2219-T851     17-4 PH Cond H-925  
3003-0     17-4 PH Cond H-950    
3003-F     17-4 PH Cond H-1025    
3003-H14   17-4 PH Cond H-1075  
5005-H14 & H34     17-4 PH Cond H-1000    
5052-0     17-4 PH Cond H-1100    
5052-H32   17-4 PH Cond H-1150 Single Aged    
5052-H32-1 Cab Finish     17-4 PH Cond H-1150 Double Aged    
5052-H34     17-4 PH Cond H-1150 M    
5056-H32   17-7 PH Sheet    
5056-H18 Wire     203 EZ Stainless    
5083-0   T-303 Sulfur (CGA)  
5083-H111     T-303 Cold Drawn Annealed  
5086-H32     T-303 Precision Ground  
5086-H111     T-304    
5454-H32   T-304 Ground Polished  
5456-H116     T-304 L    
6061-0     T-304-LU    
6061-T4     T-304 CD    
6061-T6 & T6511 EXT.   T-309    
6061-T6 & T651 CF   T-310    
6063-T5     T-316    
6101-T6     T-316 L    
6262-T6511     T-316-LU    
6262-T9     T-317 & T-317-L    
7050-T7     T-321  
7075-0     T-347    
7075-T6 BARE   T-410    
7075-T6 CLAD     T-410 HT, Single Aged    
7075-T6511   T-410 HT, Double Aged    
7075-T7     T-410 N-80    
7075-T7351 CF     T-410 ESR AMS 2300    
7075-T73511 EXT.     T-410 135,000 MIN. YIELD 352-388 BHN      
7149-T6511     T-414    
Cast Plate - MIC 6 & ALCA Plus NATURAL T-416  
Brass, Copper, Bronze, Nickel-Silver, Bars & Rods T-416 Precision Ground    
M-4 Aluminum Bronze     T-416 HT, RC 26-32    
Ampoloy     T-416 RC 33-40    
Alum. Bronze 9C     T-420 Annealed    
CDA 630   420 Mold Quality    
Nickel-Silver     420-M 13 Chrome RC 30-36      
Tielnic CDA 7021-7022     420-M 13 Chrome RC 22 MAX      
Grade A Phos. Brz. Alloy 510   420-M 13 Chrome 85 KSI MIN YLD      
Silicon Bronze CA 655   Super 13 Chrome 110 KSI Min YLD      
Tobin Bronze CA 4641   STAMP T.B. Super 13 Chrome 95 KSI Min Yield      
C-642 Bronze     T-430    
660 Bushing Bronze   T-430-F    
Brass CDA 360, 330 ( HD )   T-431    
Naval Brass CA 464 (Non Leaded )     440-C  
Brass 356     X-750    
Red Brass Pipe     Invar 36  
Copper CDA 110 CR     A-286    
Copper CDA 110 HR     Nitronic 30    
Copper Leaded, CDA 187     Nitronic 40    
Copper Tellurium CDA 145   Nitronic 50    
Copper CDA 122     Nitronic 50 HS, 105 MYS    
Phos. Bronze 544     Nitronic 50 HS, 120 MYS      
CDA 260 Soft Brass   Nitronic 60    
CDA 260 Spring   Nitronic 60 HS    
Alloy 3 (C17510)     Monel 400 HF Stress Relieved  
Alloy 25/172 BE CU Strip Monel 400 CD Stress Relieved    
Annealed     Monel 405 HF Stress Relieved    
1/4 Hard     Monel 405 CD Stress Relieved    
1/2 Hard     Monel R 405    
Full Hard     Monel K-500 CF SA    
Alloy 25/172 BE CU Rod Monel K-500 CF SA AH    
Annealed   Monel K-500 CF AH    
Hard   Monel K-500 HF AH    
A.T.     Monel K-500 HF UN Ann-Asis    
H.T.     Monel K-500 HF Sol Ann    
H.T. RC 26-30     Monel K-500 HF Sol Ann AH      
(DST)     18-18-2    
Alloy 10 Rod Thompson Shafting  
H.T.     MP 35N AMS 5844    
Alloy M-25/173 BE CU Rod MP 35N Nace MR 01-75    
Hard   Inconel 625    
H.T.     Inconel 825    
Protherm     Inconel 718 HF Sol Ann AH    
Mold Max BE CU Inconel 718 HF Sol Ann AMS-5662    
LO Hard     Inconel 718 AIRCRAFT HT, AMS-5663    
HI Hard     9 Chrome-1 Moly Ann      
Hot Rolled Finish 9 Chrome-1 Moly Q & T      
A-36   9 Chrome-1 Moly Ground HT      
Special Bar Quality 1018 (HR)     Chrome Rod 50    
A-105     2205 (22% Chrome)    
Brass, Copper, Phos., Bronze, Sheets, Plate 918 Stainless (25% Chrome)      
Brass CA 260 NMS 100 (Jorgensen)    
1/2 Hard   NMS 140 (Jorgensen)    
1/4 Hard   AG-17 (Jessop Saville)    
Soft   9310 Air Melt AMS 6260    
Spring   9310 Vac Melt AMS 6265    
Copper CDA 110 P530 (High Strength)    
Cold Rolled     P530 (Regular Strength)    
Hot Rolled     Incoloy 925    
Naval Brass   Tool Steel
Comm. Bronze Leaded 314   S5 GR 12    
Grade A, Phos. Bronze 510   D2 Ontario    
Grade B, Phos. Bronze 554     A 2 Sagamore    
Brass 360 Hex-Sharp Corner   A6 Apache    
Brass 360 Hex-Radius Corner   S 7 Arapaho    
Cold Finish Carbon Bars, Beams, Channels, Angles S5 Annealed    
C-1018   0 1 Drill Rod  
C 1212, C 1215 (Reg. Multi-Cut)   H-13 Tool Steel    
C 12L14 (Republic) Leadloy   P-20 Tool Steel    
C 12L15 Multi-Cut Leaded   Aircraft Alloys & Alloy Rods
12L14 Multi-Cut Leaded w/Sel   E-4130 (4130)  
C 1117 w/Sel     E-4130 Heat Treat    
C 1117 w/Bismuth   4140 Q & T, RC 18-22    
C 1040     E-4140 (4140)    
CF 10L18     4140 Q & T, RC 30-36  
C 1045   E-4140 Heat Treat    
C 1045 Chromium Plate Duro     4140 ESR    
C 1141 Chromium Plate Duro     41L40 CD    
C 1050 Duro Rod (Chrome Plate)     41L40  
C 1095     41L40 Heat Treat    
1020     14L42    
C 1144 Stress-Proof Century     E-4340 (4340) HR    
C 1026 C. D. Pipe     4340 Annealed HR    
C 1144   E-4340 Heat Treat    
C 1144 Fatigue Proof     4340 CD    
12L14 Leaded Terellium   4150 HT    
Toughmet (C96900) 4150 Annealed    
Annealed   8620    
Heat Treated, Aged, 110 MYS   86L20    
8640 C Ann  
A 36  
A 105 HR    
S. B. Q. 1018    
ETD 150    
52100 Bearing Quality  
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